Download Mackeeper Antivirus Software For Mac

We constantly wish to guard our apparatus and keep it clean from other threats. In windows we utilize various antiviruses such as Quick Heal etc. what about Macintosh OS?

For mac, we’ve got Mackeeper, a utility program which has tools for cleaning, safety and optimising our mac. There are a few reviewers that say that utilizing Mackeeper their method is secure and optimized however, there are a few reviewers which say that crash-prone Macs may be cured by removing it.

Mackeeper is a trusted program to maintain your mac clean, secure and protected. Let’s talk about these characteristics of Mackeeper in detail.

Characteristics of Mackeeper


Have you got any clue about how you’re able to free more space in your mac? Well, Mackeeper is here to make your job simpler. It cleans up the junk files and uninstalls the unneeded fresh program in the mac. Additionally, it can help you to clean the temporary files from the mac which take up space and slow down your mac. Mackeeper supplies you with various kinds of cleansers that have slightly different functions from one another.

Memory cleaner

 MackeeperIt automatically optimizes and tracks the RAM as you’re doing your everyday job. It scans and cleans the memory of your mac by simply click. For better effect, instantly run the Memory Cleaner in your menu bar.

Logs Cleaner

It only scans your hard disk to the machine and logs files that waste disk space. You may keep the log files in the event that you want simply by unchecking the box.

Cache Cleaner

These cache files shops information which can we utilized afterwards. Additionally, it speeds up the specific endeavor. However, as time moves these records requires a great deal of room. By eliminating these files you are able to save yourself some more space in your disc drive.


Yes! You can now have both offline and online security utilizing one program. It is possible to monitor your Mac directly in the mobile program and get acquainted with about all of the dangers.

Protections can be in almost any form. Tell us how Mackeeper supplies us security.

Safe surfing

Mackeeper mechanically blocks the malicious site for your own protection. You may also make a list of harmful site that’ll be blocked. In the same way, you may also make a list of reliable web site.


Mackeeper supplies you with high defense measures and routine upgrades. It’s a real-time defense in which you can turn it on anytime and whenever you’re done only turn it off.

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Everybody hates waiting. We constantly want our apparatus to operate well and quick. You are able to take charge of how quickly mac boots up by controlling which program launching each time you begin. Do upgrade your tracker to maintain your mac up so it works quickly. If not upgrade it today. Mackeeper customer support providers are all available 24/7 .you may turn them up anytime and understand about any attributes of this program also.

Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus or Security Apps

The award winning Mackeeper has twelve independently created programs split into five classes: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus and Security, Data management and Geek on demand.

Not just fights against Mac running slow but also catastrophic viruses and greedily thieving mitts.

It’s correct that compared to Window’s that the Mac has barely any dangers, but they really do exist and you will find a lot of these to become worried…

As the prevalence of the mighty Mac computers rocket in demand, so will the scale of horrible threats. Norton and Kaspersky have established net security for Mac OS, and Apple themselves advise installing antivirus software to be on the secure side.

Mac security advice

So so as to fight off some horrible invasions which come as a critical threat to Mac safety and functionality which makes you worry ‘why’s my mac running slow’, we will need to be one step forward.

Mac Anti theft

Anti Theft That is another must have attribute that makes me quite excited. Regrettably, where we live in the world, there’ll always be individuals who wish to receive their greedy thieving mitts on our own property. If it occurs once you’ve installed MacKeeper, then you’ll be wind up turning into a really red face burglar, since you can really pin point on earth were your Mac can be situated.

The Anti-Theft instrument is quite easy to use. In case your Mac gets stolen, even after it’s gone online, you’ll be sent a place file, which you may then hand to the authorities. Plus you’ll also receive a telephone call from customer service with comprehensive instructions regarding the report, to make certain you receive all the replies and signs you want to receive your Mac back.

Mac safety

At length, all blessed iSight owners may also enjoy watching photos of this burglar, caught red handed with your PC. This photo feature will be triggered as soon as you report the theft. There are additional anti theft alternatives for Mac accessible, including Nerd Grind and WatchMac, but these just provide half That which MacKeeper has available.

By way of instance, they include the funny and convenient photo attribute, but shockingly none of these provide the place report. That is the most essential feature if you would like to recoup your stolen computer. On top of some fairly cool Mac running slow optimisation attributes, MacKeeper will come with rock solid safety.

Guard your Mac

Since the amount of consumers on the Mac rises quickly, the dangers to machines are increasing. Most users won’t need to be concerned about the protection of the beloved machine, since there aren’t a lot of threats up to now. But times have changed. MacKeeper effectively protects your system from many known dangers. When you put in MacKeeper, you automatically get protection from abuses, viruses, as well as physical theft.

Surf protected

When you browse on a Mac, then you’re subjected to a number of possible dangers. Using MacKeeper you can shield yourself while surfing the internet, regardless of what browser you’re using. In technical terms this is known as “Real-Time Security” – a summary it creates will evaluate possible underlying dangers as you browse the net as normal.

Antivirus for Mac

MacKeeper additionally protects against conventional viruses. Actually, MacKeeper’s antivirus technology is the most innovative on the planet. Even in the event that you utilize Windows emulators such as Parallels or VMWare, MacKeepers anti virus safeguards your PC.

Theft to a Mac

You can also protect yourself against physical theft using the MacKeeper Security Pack. The program can only monitor your Mouse wirelessly with GPS, and it could take photos of a individual using Mac using the computer’s webcam.